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29 resources Freelance earnings online▷▷▷Earn Money online from Trusted Resource$

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29 resources Freelance earnings online

They are self employed, those who work freely anywhere, you can live practically anywhere in the world and still be able to maintain a successful freelance career.

Nowadays,from the benefit of global access of internet.The freelance landscape has dramatically changed.What actually those freelancers do to make their living freelancing online?What help freelancers do to earn their living freelancing ?Does the earnings online enough cover the daily living cost?

Let's pick some job's that can do to earn you money online.

  • SEO for blog and website
  • Song writer
  • Music Composition
  • Graphic design and logo design for web or others
  • Write Web content, Copywriting and editing
  • Website programming,scripts and coding
  • Web software,seo tools development
  • Live chat Help assistants
  • Virtual assistants/secretaries
  • Report writing ,Publishing assistance
  • Ebay listings,biding

Freelancer Pros and Cons:


1. You set your own schedule.You determine what time you work..

2. You don't work for a boss. You can refuse the offer if you don't like.

3. You determine how much you earn ,work more earn more.

4. Work Anywhere.You can prefer working in a home or office renting space somewhere to do your business.


1. No holiday/vacation.When you getting more pro and "famous" . You will always have projects and clients that need your constant attention, so being gone or getting sick even for a day can put you behind schedule.

2. You have to deal with clients who can be more difficult than bosses.Not all clients are good. Every freelancer has probably been ripped off by a client at one time or another, even if they take steps to protect themselves.

3. You don't have a steady income.Earnings are unpredictable.Unless you have one or two truly constant streams of work, you can expect your income to fluctuate dramatically.

4. Hard to separate work from home life.You can easily forgot you're working overtime while you're work at home day and night.

Below listed 30 top freelancing resource and directory:

These are just a part of the resources.There are lot more out there.You can use these resources to earn some money online.Note that your earnings online every depends on your expertise and scale.Just do your research and you can be one of the happy home worker who work comfort at your home as freelancer.

29 resources Freelance earnings online

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the resources.

getpaidtotry said...

There are thousands of products that can be sold online and people are ready to buy them now. It can be anything from laptops, stovetops, sports equipment, software, ebooks, car parts to business cards or just about anything else you can think of. Name it and you can probably sell it online.

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mike1144 said...

great post this will really help out beginners like me,
readers of this page may find something more on writing "dynamixgate wordpress bay" on google search
thanks for the post:)

Jay Chow said...

Nice resources for freelance ,Thanks .

Tips for newbie who just getting started.. We STILL NEED TO GET WORK DONE When become a freelance ,it's more or less self-employed.

Free Net User said...

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