Top 40 Article Directories List Earn More Money

Top Collection Article Directories List
As you might already know ,article directories are a great way to promote your website and establish a new visitors to your site.Many webmaster use free article submission to SEO their sites.Its a great place to gain a free backlink to our web page.More detail on how to SEO you blog and earn money from it, you can check out my previous post: SEO steps to earn online from your blog.

Below I have compiled a list of the top 50 article directories, which you can use, to submit your very own articles completely free to gain some web exposure and some link juice to your sites ,these are some of the most biggest article directories on the web with good page rage PR.

The fist number appear after the url is Alexa Rankings follow by the PR (Pagerank)

1. 130 6
2. 402 6 NF!
3. 696 7
4. 1,112 5
5. 1,681 6
6. 1,895 6
7. 2,232 4 NF!
8. 2,734 5
9. 2,997 5 NF! 3,907 3
11. 3,919 6
12. 4,210 2
13. 4,629 5 NF!
14. 5,750 5 NF!
15. 5,878 5
16. 6,907 5
17. 6,936 3
18. 7,332 5 NF!
19. 7,718 6
20. 8,342 4
21. 8,703 0
22. 10,460 5
23. 10,863 3
24. 11,022 3
25. 11,474 0
26. 11,924 3
27. 11,927 5
28. 12,155 0
29. 12,700 3
30. 12,853 3
31. 13,361 2
32. 13,912 4
33. 14,309 3
34. 15,517 2
35. 15,775 4
36. 16,810 3
37. 19,125 5
38. 19,175 2
39. 19,579 5
40. 20,301 3

Extra added 10 more free article submission sites
41. 21,141 4
42. 21,578 0
43. 21,742 4
44. 22,272 4
45. 22,564 3
46. 22,985 0
47. 23,495 0
48. 24,746 4 NF!
49. 25,207 3
50. 33,552 3

Now you have it,submit your articles to article directories and link back to your  websites, blogs .Now, if someone posted the articles on their sites .you'll be the automatic get a free link from it. It will increase your weight in Search engine spider ranking index,thus helping your get higher ranking in SERP .You will get more traffic ,and more traffic means more money you earn.

Real Earning Oppurtinities Online.

People work hard for money,WORK EVEN HARDER TO EARN MONEY ONLINE .If someone tell you you can do nothing and get paid! Doesn’t that sound GREAT? Of course it does! I mean who can resist FREE money? Sit around and do nothing watching the money roll in... get paid day after day without worry about life?

Yeah!that's everyone dream,can it be possible to earn passive money from Internet?Yes,IT'S POSSIBLE but that's only few of us..

Take a look at most major popular Internet Marketing websites.What they offer to you?After an hour of analysis ,gone through ton's of articles,basically you will notice that they fall into two broad categories.

The first show you methods of how to earn money online by buying staff,that included "reports" ,"SEO tool",CD or Video,etc.

The second focus on steps by steps tutorial ,on explaining the important of getting organic traffic and/or how to getting your blog or website to the top spot in the major search engines such as Google Yahoo,And Bing ,to get thousand organic free traffic everyday..

If you pay attention many of these offers and "impressed"on how easy to earn fast money online, as a Internet marketer, that's normal.I mean who can resist the income of hundreds dollar a day from scratch? Excellent! Wait, thousand might be too good to be true,how about a few hundred a day? Who could resist? Well, if you bought all those offers just to see what you have missing.I bet you night find one of the "real Internet marketing truth." They tell you to Earn money from others who wish to earn money online...

What do you think ? There also plenty dirty trick out there ,90 % of them will bring you to death end and wasted your time and energy.Well, id this sound familiar to you?a bulletproof make money online ebook on how to make thousand from clickbank will simply told you to find a popular product on ClickBank, get your affiliate link, and ......spam (oh, they meant post meaningful comments) the related forums. Another one (if any) will p0inted out go to ClickBank (again) and find a popular product (sound familiar?) and write a review style article and post on free free article websites such as and redirect your affiliate link via a $0.99 .info domain. Wow, exciting stuff :D HuH?

Now,what does all this mean ?It mean there are plenty of money out there to earn.. OK, wait a minute, I’m getting to that. My point with those other offers/ebooks/e-courses was simply this: they made money from those who wish to make easy money,and it's junk.Most make the wildest claims, hundreds a day and are a rehash of commonly available methods on any IM forum. They ALL have ONE thing in common! What is it? They all require WORK and EFFORT! That’s why they’ll sit on your hard drive and collect virtual dust (which is what they are doing on my hard drive at this very moment).

Have you tried the true method of earning money online. There aren't a secret and these methods require hard work at the beginning,compare to others "secret" at least most of them are free info right here on the Internet,you can grab a chair and soak up those info totally 100% FREE from Internet.Basically there are few steps to make a real Internet business from your home.It might vary from difference people and the money niche you are focus on ,but basically these are the steps who can earn you residual income month after month.

STEP 1 – Keyword & Niche Research

Find yourself a hot niche and dig deep on the keywords. Find keywords with low (under 50K results in quotes on Google) competition and high (over $1) CPC AND over 1,800 searches/month. Sounds easy, right? WRONG! Almost everyone gets this wrong even with tools to help. How do they find out they goofed up on this CRUCIAL piece to the puzzle? Well, they build a site, spend tons of time writing articles (or pay a pretty penny to have people do it for them) and more time getting links and at the end post an “I’m giving up on IM” thread on forums like this one. Don’t let that be you, get professional assistance!

STEP 2 – Write at Least 5 Properly Formatted SEO Optimized Articles

Wait, you’ve actually managed to find the right keywords? OK GREAT! Here’s what you do now. Go to Google’s wonder wheel (you know what that is, right?) and type in each of your keyword phrases. You will get results that Google thinks is relevant to your keyword phrase. Now write at least 500 words on that keyword phrase and include those related keywords in the article in a natural manner. Don’t know how to write 500 words on “High Definition LCD TV Wall Mounts”? Well, sorry, you’re out of luck Don’t let that be you, get professional assistance!

STEP 3 – Get Hosting, Register a Keyword-Rich Domain Name, Setup WordPress

Whew, that’s a lot. Get your hosting (most of us do anyway, so no biggie), register a keyword targeted domain name (you DO know the most common mistakes here, don’t you?), log in to cPanel, add the domain name, go to Fantastico, setup WordPress, then find all the SEO plugins you need (you DO know which ones are CRITICAL to your success, DON’T YOU?), upload them with FileZilla (you know how to configure and use that, yes?), find SEO friendly themes (again, you know which ones they are, correct?) upload those, configure all the options, upload and publish the content and that’s all! That was easy, right? WRONG! Lots of people stop here. They are discouraged with the mountain of details involved. They also don’t configure things properly for optimal SEO so their SEO efforts are CRIPPLED right from the start! Don’t let that be you, get professional assistance!

STEP 4 – Get LOTS and LOTS of Backlinks!

He/she who has the best links wins! Yes, it’s true! Your backlinks will make or break you. Even if you muddle through steps 1,2,3, almost everyone falls down on this effort. Why? Because it’s HARD! It’s TEDIOUS! It’s BORING! It takes a LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT! It’s no wonder that your site will be on the 500th page of the search results forever. Link building campaigns take months to do. Article submissions, blog comments, profile building, forum comments, RSS submissions, etc., etc., who has the time for all of this?

STEP 5 – Monetize Your New Website!

Well, all that effort is for nothing if you aren’t making money! How can I monetize the site properly? Should I use Adsense? How about ClickBank products? OK, well what about Commission Junction? Geez, they’re so many! Which one will work best? How do I integrate the ads for maximum sales/clicks? Well, guess what! Most people (90% who started out with the best of intentions already dropped out) fail miserably at this too. Don’t let that be you, get professional assistance!

STEP 6 – Do It All Over Again DOZENS of Times!

Yep, that’s right! Unless you own very popular websites such as or, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll set the Web on fire with your first website. It takes a whole lot of websites to make a significant living on the Web. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s a fact.Remember the harder, the better,I know that’s just a ridiculous amount of work! Who’s got time for that? It sounds like another JOB! Can’t you get rich with a few affiliate links and some forum posts? Can’t you do that for 10 minutes/day and retire to a tropical island in a few months? NO. Sorry but NO.You can earn fast money online join GPT programs,participle a online survey and earn fast money within minute..But it just a dime or a dollar,not hundred or thousand dollar.

What about your SEO?
OK, you know all those steps I outlined in this post? among all the steps you would have to do to make money? (Yes, that’s a lot of work) Sounds like thousands of dollars worth of time and effort! Sounds like you won’t be able to afford it! right? Sounds expensive right?Well the one last things you shouldn't miss out is to SEO your money sites/Blogs.

The goodies of Internet is you can start it right now form your home! That’s right, each and every month,just keep on the good work and SEO optimized your site often,write some useful content in the RIGHT niche and get some quality back links! It’s a ton of work, but after the hard work,you can take so many customers to your sites. That's real earning opportunities online.

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